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Updated: Oct 25, 2021

It's a crazy race out there! Between demanding career and keeping up with the house chores -and the children of course, getting home asap, eating something and watching a good TV show till you fall asleep next to your spouse sounds like a great evening, doesn't it? This is called "routine" and it sounds like a scary word, but actually, routine has its benefits because it prevents us from going insane with our crazy busy lives and many other benefits that we will cover in another article.

Now, does it feel like routine is getting in the way of your relationship? If yes, well, you don't want that. While some routine is positive in any relationship, too much of it can be its enemy. It can lead to boredom, tension, and infidelity. Wow! Yes, Infidelity…. Shocking?

So, check out my 50 romantic ideas for dating your spouse below. Some of them are to do at-home if childcare is an issue or you feel too tired to go out but make sure to have some dates out of home too, to change sceneries.

There are a bunch of things you can do together that can be really fun and romantic, but if you are still raising kids calling a baby-sitter and heading out to a night-club sometimes may not be an option. So, here I share with you many ideas I recommend to my clients who would rather stay at home. And, for those who feel more adventurous or have more freedom from time to time, I am including ideas for outings, as well. I have tried most with my husband! I hope you give them a try.


1. Plan a theme night dinner! Not a regular dinner, please. Think of something fun like an Arabian night with music, veils, candles, dress up like an odalisque and of course, cook Arabic food. Three are some great ideas just by looking at Pinterest.

2. DIY Photoshoot Night! Prepare the backdrop -curtains or blankets can work, pay attention to the lighting, and just strike a pose! The pictures can become your next Facebook profile picture or your personal sexy album (wink, wink!) If you want more ideas on how to do it, check out this website:

3. Play a Board Game or Card Games There are many fun and interesting games that make time pass by in a fun way. There's something exciting about competing a bit with your spouse.

4. Recreate your Wedding Day! Want to try on your wedding dress? Why not! If you are one of those lucky gals out there that still fit in their prom dress then take advantage of that and wear the most amazing dress you have -your wedding dress, one more time! It'll be so fun! Invite your husband to wear his tux or wedding suit and take selfies! By the way, this could be a good excuse for having another wedding night, right?

5. Have a Karaoke Night! Look for songs with lyrics on YouTube and make your own playlist ahead of time. Have some snacks and drinks, dim the lights and sing along! Just do not wake up the neighbors (LOL).

6. Complete a House Project Together Is it time to remodel the bathroom or the kitchen? Or is the bedroom furniture looking a little bit dingy? Work together toward making the house changes to have the home of your dreams.

7. Play some Kinky Games! There are tons of kinky games you can try with your significant other. Games with sexy lingerie, food, etc. that can fire up the bedroom. Google some ideas or use your imagination.

8. Have a Late-Dinner Gala! It would be awesome if you two dress up in your fanciest clothes and jewelry, choose nice romantic music, buy gourmet food, decorate the dining room with flowers and use the best tableware you have, light some candles and voilà! Just make sure the kids are asleep.

9. Movie Night Choose a good adult movie and stay up late. Make popcorn, have soft drinks and candy, turn off the lights and snuggle up with your hubby. When you are done, spend some time talking in the living room.

10. Have a Massage Session at Home If you are feeling a little tense after a long week of work you will love this idea. Watch some videos on YouTube to learn some techniques and start the relaxation process ; )

11. Have a Fondue Night Cheese, meat, fruits with chocolate… Whatever you want.

12. Have a Picnic in the Backyard - Under the stars! Order Chinese food, pizza or grab some leftovers. Don't forget the wine! Everything goes under the stars.

13. Play video Games Together. Yes, Video Games! Who said video games cannot be romantic? Just check out: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt", "Catherine", "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim", etc.

14. Writing time! Both of you write down the 5 best memories of you as a couple. Then, read them out loud to each other. Isn't that romantic?

15. Shower together! Could be fun to do at least once a week.

16. Surprise your Partner When Returning from Work! Surprise your significant other with the bed turned down, a warm bathtub full of bubbles, candles, flower petals on the floor and delicious chocolate truffles.

17. Transform your Living Room into a Ballroom! And slow dance to romantic music.

18. Sexy Cleaning Time Together! Cleaning together can be a chore or a hobby, but either way, if you have to do it, why not turn on some lively music and have fun with your spouse while cleaning. This can also be turned into a sexy game, such as, for each task completed a clothing item is taken off, so when you're done cleaning, you will also be ready for some sexy time with your spouse!

19. Try Role-Playing. Dress up and have fun. How about making it sexy?

20. Read a Book Together! Choose something interesting and discuss how it should have ended.

21. Try Couples Yoga! Dust off your yoga mat and look for a video on YouTube. The benefits are endless.

22. Play an Ice Breaker Game Table Topics is my favorite ice-breaker game. It asks open-ended questions to talk about things that you usually don't bring up and, as a result, you learn new things about your spouse.


23. Try a 5-Stop Dinner! This is a Spanish tradition. It's called going out for tapas. Your first stop starts at a bar with your significant other to have an apple martini. The second stop will be the place where you find your favorite appetizer, the third one where your entree is and so on until you have the dessert or coffee. Try to choose restaurants and bars in the same area to reduce your driving time.

24. Ride a Ferris Wheel! And take selfies.

25. Sign up for a Couples Dance Class! Touching, holding hands, looking into each other eyes definitely builds connection. This is a great way to add fun and romance to your relationship. Look for couples dance classes in your area and sign up. Surely, this would be a date night to remember.

26. Treat Yourselves to Pampering With a Couples Massage! Why not going to a beautiful spa for a couples massage? It is relaxing, rejuvenating, and releases the feel-good hormones. These hormones are couples best ally because they lead to more intimacy and connection.

27. Spend the Night at a Luxurious Hotel! Tell your mate to meet you in the hotel at certain hour. Don't forget to pack some sexy lingerie.

28. Rent a Boat and Take Advantage of the Sunshine State! Don't forget to rent it with a captain so you can have a piña colada, a beautiful sunset, the breeze and total freedom to enjoy each other as a couple.

29. Go to a Concert Together!! Buy the tickets and surprise your spouse. What's his/her favorite band?

30. Go Skating! A classic date! Just like teenagers.

31. Kiss in the Rain! No umbrella needed.

32. Visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami! This mansion and its amazing gardens will be the perfect scenery for beautiful photos of you to frame.

33. Go to the Movies! But just to make out.

34. Take a Cooking Class Together! This may arouse other senses.

35. Plan a Weekend Getaway in the Florida Keys! Surprise your partner. Just make sure his/her schedule is wide open for that weekend.

36. Buy Tickets for the Opera or Ballet! Romeo & Juliet, Madama Butterfly or La Traviata would be perfect if you want romance.

37. Visit Butterfly World! This would be a romantic scenery for couples. Imagine that?

38. Go Camping! But just the two of you. Get a tent and pack those sleeping bags, grab some goodies, nice pillows and a bundle of firewood logs for the night. Do you play the guitar? Bring it with you.

39. Rent a Canoe! That's for those who like an active lifestyle.

40. Go Where It All Began! Where did you meet? A coffee shop, the beach? Why don't you visit the place where it all began and relive those magical moments? It's worth it. 41. Take a Bike Ride Together! And talk while exercising… Why not renting a bike built for two?

42. Take a Long Walk at the Beach! Quality time is the name of the game.

43. Watch the Sunset at a Lake! You can make this date as romantic as you want.

44. Go to a Comedy Club Comedy clubs are a great way to infuse humor into the relationship and it's a good way to get rid of daily stressors. 45. Go to the Zoo! And feed the giraffes!

46. Boat Watching! Go to your favorite dock in your area and just watch the boats passing by.

47. Go to the touristy places! There are so many places to choose from in Florida. There's the Everglades, Naples, Saint Augustine, Captiva Island... Get in the car and drive!

48. Volunteer Together Couples working toward a mission together, share a common goal and reap the benefits of helping others.

49. Go to a Sex Store Together. Going to a sex store together can be an intimate way to bring passion and fun into your sex life.

50. Go to a Theme Park! Going to either Disney or Universal Studios is a great way to tap into some innocent fun and help bring newness into the relationship.

WHY IS DATING GOOD FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP? It is crucial for a couple to have time for a romantic date to connect, share things, relax together and enjoy being together. Dating is good for your relationship because it:

  • Creates memories

  • Improves communication

  • Keeps the spark alive

  • Relieves stress

  • Strengthens bonds

  • Helps stay strong as a couple

Here is a great video to watch:

If you have read the whole article and applied at least one of the ideas above then I'm positive that you have started to feel good vibes between you and your significant other. Maybe it reminded you why you liked him/her in the first place… It's important to schedule preferably one night a week and make it a priority in your marriage. Write it down on a calendar where you both can see every day. Just whatever you do, make it meaningful.

Would you like to find out if your relationship is bound to last? Take the Relationship Health Quiz to find out:

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