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Divorce has been thrown out as an option and you don’t know what this means. You don't want to end up being part of the statistic that 50% of couples get divorced. Counseling for couples on the brink can help figure this out.

Counseling for Couples on the Brink

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Have you been thinking about divorce?

Do you wonder if your relationship can be saved?

Can couples counseling help?
Are you confused and need help figuring out
the next right step?


You are Ready to Get the Answers

You have been arguing for some time now, or you just found out of something traumatic like an affair. As a result, one of you is adamantly saying that divorce is the next step.

Both of you have been discussing back and forth what the right solution might be.

You want to know if you should proceed with divorce or can this relationship be fixed?

You have doubts about what to do. One of you has already spoken with a divorce lawyer, but yet you are at a standstill. Or your spouse has already hired a divorce lawyer. However, you convinced him or her to come to counseling. In short, this is your last option to save your marriage.

This is where a structured process comes in handy. With our years of experience of working with thousands of couples, we have seen many cases where one person is very invested in saving the relationship and the other person either is apathetic, unmotivated or actively angry. In short, it looks like he or she is done with the marriage. We can help you and your spouse find the answer and get on the same page to either heal the relationship or proceed with divorce.

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Get on the Same Page with Your Spouse

This specific counseling process offers a chance to slow down, and a structured way to explore what is the next step resulting in having clarity on whether you would both like to proceed with marital counseling or divorce counseling. We will meet some times as a couple and also individually to accomplish this. We are a neutral party to the process, as our role is to guide you to arrive to feel clear about what’s next. It is a process that will give you peace of mind that you arrived to a decision.

Learn more about us by reading our bio in our About Us page. 

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Divorce Counseling 

We are Relationship Experts, and our heart is completely into what we do. It is truly my calling to help others find and sustain satisfying relationships in their lives. As such, we have dedicated our graduate education in marriage and family counseling and have spent hour upon hours in trainings and educating ourselves to hone down my specialty. We have been offering our services in South Florida since 2014 and have helped thousands of individuals and couples with their relationship goals.

With the help of a counselor that truly specializes in relationship counseling, you can find answers to your questions, and work towards change for a brighter tomorrow filled with more meaningful relationships.

Call us at (954) 903-1676 or book your initial appointment consultation by clicking the button below.

quality care

We only use research and evidence based models for relationships, such as the Gottman and EFT therapy.


We believe in collaborating with our clients for a successful process, while we provide an expert structure.

to the point

We don't do venting sessions. We will guide you to have different kinds of conversations than the ones you've been having.

Goal Oriented

Our goal is to get you to your goal. We do not believe in depending in therapy. The number of sessions/time needed varies per person/couple.

Why Us


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How Many Sessions Does This Counseling Process Require?

The process usually takes 3-5 sessions to decide whether you will continue with marriage counseling or divorce counseling.

Will My Therapist Work With Us After This Counseling Process Is Completed?

Depending on the situation, your therapist can be your marriage or divorce counselor. It is a decision we have to make after clinically assessing each case.

What If My Spouse Is Not Willing To Come?

If your spouse is the one asking for the divorce and has yet not filed for divorce, we recommend to start with relationship counseling for yourself, where we will work on ways to try to get the relationship back on track with your input.



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