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It's All Communication.

Communication is the gateway to a satisfying and fulfilling marriage and when there is a breakdown in this area, deep pain and a sense of loneliness can be the result. As many couples have ups and downs, an important part of our job is to assist in creating an open channel of communication with your significant other.

Communication Counseling

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Do you feel misunderstood and unappreciated by your partner?

Does it feel like it's nearly impossible to talk about your needs?

Has it become stressful and debilitating to talk about certain topics?

Is the future of the relationship keeping you up at night?

Get Your Relationship Back On Track

You may be at a point where you feel you are arguing about everything or that certain topics just ruffle you feathers… Arguments never seem to end well. They escalate to yelling, insults, and even threats. Once the “war” is over, you are both left feeling hurt, misunderstood, and with unresolved issues. Even though a lot of things were said, the main issues were not resolved.

For some couples, communication breaks down almost completely. Maybe you tried talking in the past and it didn’t go well, so you choose not to bring it up again. Or maybe, you are just hesitant to discuss important topics because you are concerned about bringing conflict into the relationship. This lack of communication almost always results in feelings of resentment and loneliness.

Relationships usually start with positivity and hope, which creates a sense of trust and commitment. But as time goes on, differences tend to arise: “How do we manage our finances?” “Why don’t we have more sex?” “How come you can’t help me more with chores or the kids?” “Why do you want to change who I am?” Through time, there are also transitions that can cause changes and conflict: the birth of a child, career changes, health issues, new interests, etc. Because life is full of these types of transitions, it is normal for relationships to have ups and downs.

In these situations, our role as Counselors is to help identify the root issues and with compassion, knowledge and experience give you the tools you need to navigate through the transitions of life. This way you can get back to feeling fulfilled and satisfied in your relationship.

Most Couples Have Ups and Downs.

Hi! My name is Sofia Robirosa, and I am the founder of Infinite Therapeutic Services. As a teenager I saw my parents’ marriage begin to decline, and eventually they divorced. This created a burning desire to learn what makes a relationship last. Due to my curiosity and passion I have dedicated my life to learn and live a life to fulfill my dream to have a satisfying marriage and to help other couples have the same. I have carefully selected other relationship counselors that feel the same about the mission of our practice and extensively trained in couples therapy.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been experiencing issues in your relationship, through the research based methods that we use to help couples, such as Gottman Method and EFT, you can learn how to overcome communication issues and reconnect again. After a brief evaluation process, we understand the root problems causing the communication issues and create a plan personally designed for your relationship.

Our approach is to generate profound changes without generating dependency on counseling. During the evaluation and later sessions, we will focus on understanding both partner's concerns. Our position is neutral, so we can help you learn how to effectively resolve problems and learn to compromise in a way that you feel heard and understood. During our sessions, you can expect to experience a structured process, where you will be practicing practical tools to improve communication, and tasks to do at home to help you keep building momentum while we are not meeting together.

Happy Couple

Communication Counseling 
Can Help

We are Relationship Experts, and our heart is completely into what we do. It is truly our calling to help others find and sustain satisfying relationships in their lives. As such, we dedicated my graduate education in marriage and family counseling and have spent hour upon hours in trainings and educating ourselves to hone down our specialty. We have been offering relationship counseling services in South Florida since 2014 and have helped thousands of individuals and couples with their relationship goals.

With the help of a counselor that truly specializes in relationship counseling, you can find answers to your questions, and work towards change for a brighter tomorrow filled with more meaningful relationships.

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Why Us

Why Us


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quality care

We only use research and evidence based models for relationships, such as the Gottman and EFT therapy.


We believe in collaborating with our clients for a successful process, while we provide an expert structure.

to the point

We don't do venting sessions. We will guide you to have different kinds of conversations than the ones you've been having.

Goal Oriented

Our goal is to get you to your goal. We do not believe in depending in therapy. The number of sessions/time needed varies per person/couple.

Does Therapy Always Entail Going Over Your Childhood And Past Experiences?

Our methodology does not require digging deep into your childhood. We will ask you questions about your past to only understand how the relationship came to be where it is today. After that, we will be talking about the here and now.

Can We Work On Individual Needs As Well As Relationship Issues?

As we complete your evaluation, if any individuals needs come up, we may incorporate them to the plan. We believe addressing individual needs enhances the chances of meeting the goals for the relationship.

What if My Spouse is Not Willing to Do Couples Therapy?

It is possible to do relationship work with only one spouse. The process is the same.




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