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In a word, YES!

Recovering trust and being able to forgive or accept a betrayal feels like a mountain of insurmountable tasks. They can be huge obstacles to overcome. It is, however, crucial to work on restoring trust if a fulfilling relationship is going to resume. We have helped hundreds of couples recover from the effects of an affair or betrayal , and we look forward to helping you.

Infidelity Counseling

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Does it feel like your marriage is over after the affair was discovered?


Is forgiving infidelity even possible?


Do you wonder how and why the betrayal happened?

Help is Out There

When an affair is discovered in a long term relationship, it shatters trust. It does not matter if it happened and ended many years ago, or if it’s happening right now, trust is utterly lost. You start to wonder if you should hire a Marriage Counselor or a Divorce Lawyer. So many questions arise during this time: How did this happen? Can the Marriage be saved? Would it happen again if we stay together? It is difficult to know where to start and what to decide. This creates confusion, exhaustion and even, rage.

It can be a time of extreme, roller coaster like, emotions that surface frequently and unexpectedly. Many couples relive the pain endlessly in drawn out conversations, and many report not finding these talks productive as they feel they become arguments that hurt them even further.

We have helped hundreds of couples recover from the effects of an affair and we can help do the same for you.

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Up To 75% Of Couples Experience A Betrayal

Statistics regarding infidelity can vary greatly because of the taboo nature of this topic. It’s difficult for couples to admit it. The message out there is: “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. Even friends and family with the best intentions can be clueless as to how to help a couple wanting to heal from this tough situation.

By understanding the affair and how to address the mistrust, addressing the individual and relationship issues that lead to it and creating new habits to nurture the relationship, there's a chance to save your relationship. That is all what our work is all about.

Heal After an Affair

Very often, even if you as the betrayed person in the affair decide to forgive and move forward with the relationship, the issue lingers in the back of your mind and you really can’t get over what happened. You can try to avoid the topic alltogether but the unsatisfaction and unhappiness is there. It can show up in how you feel about yourself and it can also show up in your health and in how we interact with everyone else.

This is where getting help can be invaluable. We can assess your particular situation, bring the unresolved issues to the forefront, decide how/if moving forward is possible and help you regain your peace of mind.

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Infidelity Counseling 
Can Help

We are Relationship Experts, and our heart is completely into what we do. It is truly our calling to help others find and sustain satisfying relationships in their lives. As such, we have dedicated our graduate education in marriage and family counseling and have spent hour upon hours in trainings and educating ourselves to hone down our specialty. We have been offering our services in South Florida since 2014, and have helped thousands of individuals and couples with their relationship goals.

With the help of a counselor that truly specializes in relationship counseling, you can find answers to your questions, and work towards change for a brighter tomorrow filled with more meaningful relationships.

Call us today at (954) 903-1676 or book your initial appointment consultation by clicking the button below.

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What are the Steps to Heal from an Affair?

During the first session, the evaluation session, your therapist will be able to give you recommendations. Generally speaking, there are three phases to an affair/betrayal recovery process: (1) atone, where we address the affair/betrayal effects in the relationship, (2) attune, which is the phase the relationship and personal factors that contributed to the affair/betrayal are addressed and changes, (3) attachment, where the focus is to make sure intimacy is profound and all the changes in phase 2 are maintained in a long term fashion.

How Long Does it Take to Heal from an Affair?

The process may take a few months to two years, depending on the complexity of the situation. It is different in each case. Your therapist will give you recommendations on how to proceed after the evaluation session.



quality care

We only use research and evidence based models for relationships, such as the Gottman and EFT therapy.


We believe in collaborating with our clients for a successful process, while we provide an expert structure.

to the point

We don't do venting sessions. We will guide you to have different kinds of conversations than the ones you've been having.

Goal Oriented

Our goal is to get you to your goal. We do not believe in depending in therapy. The number of sessions/time needed varies per person/couple.

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