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Spending time on yourself to discover how to enhance your love life can be worth the personal investment. Relationship counseling for one can help if your partner does not want to attend relationship counseling with you, as well as if you want to have more fulfilling relationships, or just ended a significant one and need to heal.

Relationship Counseling for One

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Do you find it difficult to connect with the right people to date? 

Are you dating one disaster after another? 

Have you had a painful breakup and haven’t been able yo date since then? 

Have you recently divorced and want to heal?

Are You Ready For Change?

Relationships are an integral part of our lives. We all want to find a person to connect to and feel accepted, loved and cared for.

Lately you are wondering if you’ll ever find a good partner for life. You are feeling down about it, and you’re starting to wonder if there is actually someone out there for you. You feel you have tried it all, and nothing changes.

Other times, you are wondering if there is something wrong with you. This thought about yourself leaves you feeling even more hopeless and scared to give someone new a chance.

How is it possible that some find their partner of life, their prince charming, his ride or die, and you cannot?

Maybe you are heart broken or ending a long relationship, and you want to heal and understand where things went wrong.

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Relationships are an Integral Part of Our Lives

Navigating the world of relationships can be confusing and energy consuming. Most of us have experienced a bad relationship or a bad breakup, or at least a break-up that has been difficult to overcome. This is especially true to divorces. Many individuals experience a cycle of these situations, meaning: one more toxic relationship, one more bad breakup.


The good news is that with the help of a counselor that truly specializes in relationship counseling, you can find answers to your questions, and work towards change for a brighter tomorrow filled with more meaningful relationships.


Relationship counseling for one is a great option for:

Kissing too many frogs and none are turning into THE prince charming: For singles dating individuals not finding the right partner for a long lasting relationship.


Being in a toxic relationship: Feeling unheard and unwanted by a partner happens often. You may be breaking up frequently and the dance is becoming exhausting. You want to understand why you won’t just end the relationship, or you may be wondering if there is really something else that you can do to stop the negative cycle?


Feeling heart-broken: You have just ended a significant relationship and you’re feeling the waves of sadness, anger, disappointment, and even guilt.


Recently Divorced: You are in the process or already have divorced. Maybe you are heart-broken, maybe you are not, but either way you want to heal from your past relationship so that you can be stronger than ever.


Your partner or spouse is not willing to come to counseling: You know there is something wrong in the relationship. You are just not happy or you are worried about some elements of the relationship. You have voiced this to your significant other, but he or she either doesn’t agree with you, they don't believe in counseling, or they think you have the problem.

Relationships Counseling for One Can Help

We are Relationship Experts, and our heart is completely into what we do. It is truly our calling to help others find and sustain satisfying relationships in their lives. As such, we dedicated our graduate education in marriage and family counseling and have spent hour upon hours in trainings and educating ourselves to hone down our specialty. We have been offering services in Plantation, Florida and virtually for all Floridians since 2014, and have helped thousands of individuals and couples with their relationship goals.

Our approach is collaborative and also very hands on. We like to create a structured process with our clients, so you know what to expect in our work together. During the first session, we will explore with you your goals and learn about you so we can create a plan and goals. This will inform our work with you.

Next, we will work on different areas and will be providing you with things to do at home so you can enrich the process even outside of our sessions together. Our focus is to help you achieve your goals with little dependence in the process so that our work is short term.


You may feel like dating and relationship cycle has to change once and for good. With the help of a counselor that truly specializes in relationship counseling, you can find answers to your questions, and work towards change for a brighter tomorrow filled with more meaningful relationships.

Call us at (954) 903-1676 or book your initial appointment consultation by clicking the button below two get started.

quality care

We only use research and evidence based models for relationships, such as the Gottman and EFT therapy.


We believe in collaborating with our clients for a successful process, while we provide an expert structure.

to the point

We don't do venting sessions. We will guide you to have different kinds of conversations than the ones you've been having.

Goal Oriented

Our goal is to get you to your goal. We do not believe in depending in therapy. The number of sessions/time needed varies per person/couple.

Why Us


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Will I Have To Go Over All My Past History In Relationship Therapy For One?

While some questions about your past may be explored in order to understand your life, it will not be our focus to stay in the past. Our focus is on the present and the now. Changing your present and encouraging change for the future will be the emphasis. That’s how we know when change is happening.

How Many Sessions Should I Expect During My Work With Your Counselors?

While every case is different, and progress is very individual to each one of us, in a span of 8-10 sessions, it is very possible to experience relief.

What If I Start Sessions Individually And Then My Spouse Agrees To Come?

It is very common for individuals that come to see us without their spouse because the spouse initially didn’t want to come, for him/her to change his/her mind and decide to come. We will switch gears to couples counseling, unless we find any clinical reason that your therapist should remain your individual therapist and refer you to a different couples counselor within the practice.



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