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Date nights are important for couples, but after a while when the relationship is more settled, even date night becomes boring and routine. So what can you do when your relationship reaches this point? Do things that not only are exciting but that influences your bonding time. Here are a few ways to boost your relationship:

  1. Do something exciting: Excitement from any source will be associated with the person you're with, even if they're not the cause of it. Instead of boring dinner dates, or Netflix documentaries, take a tango class or go skydiving.

  2. Cook together: To keep it exciting, look up a recipe neither of you has ever tried cooking.

  3. Art Appreciation: Absorbing a little culture together can be one of the most exhilarating hobbies for couples

  4. Get Physical ( and I don't mean just sex): Go cycling together, jogging, yoga or a fitness group class the two of you would enjoy doing together. Just like when doing exciting things, the adrenaline released when doing exercise is infused in the relationship!

  5. Volunteering: This will not only bring you closer together by spending time doing something meaningful, but it also provides gratitude and perspective when you give back to an important cause or community

  6. Self-care: Treating yourself together can be the perfect way to relax and recharge. You could go to your local spa for a side-by-side foot massage or at home facials. Something the two of you enjoy

  7. Don't reduce the negative, increase the positive: We spend a lot of time trying to fix things in our relationships. Unless they're critical, don't focus on reducing the negatives. Couples thrive when they increase the positive things. Do more of what the two of like doing together.

  8. Check in with Each other: check-ins strengthen the bond between partners. Setting up weekly meetings is recommended; one to talk about household responsibilities and another dedicated to more intimate issues, this may help both partners feel more validated, respected, and comfortable.

  9. Learn to play a musical instrument: If you’re musically inclined, taking music lessons together will provide a way for you to not only learn a new skill but practice making something beautiful together.

  10. Plant a Tree: Seeing something grow, something the two of you created is special (or you could plant a baby too lol) 🙂

  11. Join a Book Club or Start One with Just the Two of You: Brainpower, discussing ideas, challenge each others mind.

  12. Reminisce about the times you laughed: What made you two crack up on those initial dates? Bring it up and have another laugh about it.

Working on keeping your relationship feeing lively, is a key element for relationship satisfaction. Relationships need to be nurtured just like a living organism.

Try some of these tips to give a boost to your relationship!

To your relationship’s success,

Your Therapy Friend,


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